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Precision training for data science in research

Why Datacise?

Skills to build future capacity

Datacise Open Learning provides precision training for data science in research.

Datacise aims to provide world-class, flexible and innovative training for a range of data science disciplines. 

For anyone who uses or has an interest in administrative ‘big’ data, Datacise Open Learning & Resources will support their skills and learning development to enhance future research endeavours across social science, health and social care, healthcare and clinical research.

Learning for all

Datacise courses are aimed at data practitioners and researchers across domains and of all levels working within data-intensive organisations.

Our training pathway follows a clear framework of progression taking learners from data novices to competent data users to data science experts.

Our courses and resources align to the needs of anyone working within data careers, building capacity for data-intensive research to enhance the benefits of routinely-collected data for people and society.


Flexible learning

Datacise recognises that learners will need to fit courses around work and life commitments.

For this reason, Datacise courses are designed to fit around you. Wherever possible, Datacise courses are self-paced, flexible modules of learning that can be instantly applied to your area of work.

Datacise offers a customised learning portal that supports your unique learning pathway to achieve the precise learning objectives you need to make an impact in your area of work. This includes self-directed video tuition, supported learning within a community of practice, and short, intensive tutor-led practical training.

Earn while you learn

Whilst working, our flexible and digestible courses mean learners can gain new knowledge and skills to progress in their data careers and build networks within the data community to make a tangible difference in their respective data domains.

For each of our courses, learners work toward earning a Statement of Participation to demonstrate their achievements to employers.

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TRE user training & resources

Trusted Research Environments (TREs) are safe, secure, computing environments where researchers, scientists and other experts can gain access to valuable data for research in the public interest, via a rigorous approval process to improve society. These resources help guide learners through TRE access processes, governance, available data, supported study types and research outputs.

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