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Consumer Panel

SAIL Databank established a Consumer Panel in 2011 to provide a public voice and gauge social acceptability on our work. A core function of SAIL it also provides public views on the work of associated initiatives. The Consumer Panel is comprised of around a dozen members of the Welsh general public. Its role includes: 

  • Discussing proposals for research and the implications of findings. 
  • Providing views on data protection issues 
  • Reviewing information designed for a lay audience 
  • Offering guidance on how to recruit people to study steering groups 
  • Advising on how best to engage with the wider public 
  • Acting as advocates for data linkage research 


In addition to being members of the Consumer Panel, some members are also part of the independent Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP) which reviews all proposals to use our Trusted Research Environment, SAIL Databank, for research. They represent the public voice on data use alongside practitioners and professionals from the Welsh Government, the British Medical Association, Public Health Wales, the Research Ethics Service, Digital Health and Care Wales and Swansea Bay University Health Board. This membership ensures all implications and responsibilities are considered in the review process.