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MoJ Data First Datasets User Training (Webinar session 1 of 3)

How to access Ministry of Justice (MoJ) datasets via SAIL Databank

Course description:

This first session is aimed at individuals interested in applying for access to linked Ministry of Justice (MoJ) datasets within the SAIL Databank Trusted Research Environment (TRE). The webinar is designed to enhance your skills in gaining access to valuable MoJ datasets. These sessions of the Dataset Users Webinar Series are themed around Courts & Justice and will help you to begin your journey towards accessing Ministry of Justice (MoJ) datasets via the SAIL Databank. These interactive sessions will allow for open discussion with panel members. Participants will need to register to attend one, two or all three of the sessions individually.


Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in applying for access to linked MoJ datasets


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the role of the SAIL Databank in accessing Ministry of Justice (MoJ) datasets and its significance in data linkage.
  • Understand the Independent Governance Review Panel (IGRP) application procedure for accessing MoJ datasets.
  • Apply best practices and strategies for preparing a successful MoJ application, including hints and tips provided by MoJ experts.
  • Acquire practical insights into leveraging MoJ datasets for research purposes within a Trusted Research Environment.



  • Magistrates’ courts dataset
  • Crown Court dataset
  • Prisoner custodial journey dataset
  • Probation dataset
  • Family court dataset (this has been linked with Cafcass and Census 2021 data)
  • Criminal court, prisons and probation linking dataset (this will be replaced by the cross justice system linking dataset)

Datasets coming to SAIL this year:

  • Refreshed datasets for all of the above covering longer time periods
  • Cross justice system linking dataset
  • Civil court dataset (awaiting final sign-off)
  • Offender Assessment (OASys) dataset

Transferrable skills

  • General research skills in applying and utilising linked datasets held in TREs controlled by multiple stakeholders.
  • Communication skills by engaging in meaningful discussions with peers and experts.
  • Problem solving through navigating data application procedures.
  • Collaboration through interactively sharing insights and using collective knowledge to address common challenges.
  • Time management through task prioritisation to complete data application processes successfully.



10:00 – 10:05 Welcome Dr Ting Wang
10:05 – 10:20 Introduction to SAIL Databank, data linkage, and IGRP application Dr Ting Wang
10:20 – 10:25


Introducing guest speaker Dr Ting Wang
10:25 – 11:00


Hints and tips for preparing your MoJ application. This session will cover the following:

  • Brief overview of Data First of the datasets available and the MoJ Areas of Research Interest.
  • How to access the data via the IGRP & RAP forms and the variable list required.
  • The feasibility checks carried out by the Data First team on the application forms.
  • The Data Access Panel and Data Access Group’s criteria
  • What makes a good project application form from a data owner perspective.
Georgina Eaton, Simon Whitworth,  David Dawson, and Kirby Seward.
11:00 – 11:30 Panel discussion and Q&A Panel and the audience
11:30 Closing Session 1 of Dataset Users Webinar Series Dr Ting Wang



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