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Information Governance

The Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP) provides independent guidance and advice on Information Governance policies, procedures and processes for SAIL Databank. The Panel reviews all proposals to use SAIL Databank to ensure that they are appropriate and in the public interest, and it comprises representatives from various organisations and sectors including: 

  • British Medical Association (BMA) Cymru Wales 
  • The Welsh Government 
  • Public Health Wales 
  • Health and Care Research Wales 
  • Digital Health and Care Wales 
  • Local Health Boards 
  • Academic institutions 
  • Members of the public 


All access to SAIL Databank is monitored closely and before any data can be accessed, approval must be given by the independent IGRP. 

As data guardians, protecting the individual identity of person-based data plus the overall security of the data stored within SAIL Databank are our number one priority. All proposals to use SAIL Databank data are subject to review by the independent Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP). Our processes and procedures always ensure total anonymity whilst allowing research to proceed for the benefit of society. 

When applying to work with SAIL Databank an application to our IGRP is required.